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How to clean-install Vista using the upgrade version of Vista on any hard drive.

First run Microsoft's free Upgrade Advisor, and view "Upgrade Paths from Previous Versions".

To clean-install Vista using a Vista upgrade version on any hard drive.
No prior XP or W2K installation or even a CD is required.

You can "clean install" with an upgrade version of Vista to any formatted or unformatted hard drive, which is usually the preferred method when installing any new operating system. You must, install Vista twice to take advantage of this trick. But Vista installs much faster than XP, so it's quicker than installing XP followed by Vista to get the upgrade price.

1) Boot the PC from the Vista DVD.

2) Select "Install Now," but do not enter the Product Key from the Vista packaging. Leave the input box blank. Also, turn off the option Automatically activate Windows when I'm online. In the next dialog box that appears, confirm that you really do want to install Vista without entering a Product Key.

3) Correctly indicate the version of Vista that you're installing: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate.

4) Select the "Custom (Advanced)" install, not the "Upgrade" install.

5) Vista copies files at length and reboots itself one or more times. Wait for the install to complete. At this point, you might think that you could "activate" Vista, but you can't. That's because you haven't installed the Vista upgrade yet. To do that, run the DVD's setup.exe program again, but this time from the Vista desktop. The easiest way to start setup again is to eject and then reinsert the DVD.

6) Click "Install Now." Select Do not get the latest updates for installation. (You can check for these updates later.)

7) This time, do enter the Product Key from the Vista packaging. Once again, turn off the option Automatically activate Windows when I'm online.

8) On this second install, make sure to select "Upgrade," not "Custom (Advanced)." You're not doing a clean install now, you're upgrading to Vista.

9) Wait while Vista copies files and reboots itself. No user interaction is required. Do not boot from the DVD when asked if you'd like to do so. Instead, wait a few seconds and the setup process will continue on its way. Some DOS-like, character-mode menus will appear, but don't interact with them. After a few seconds, the correct choice will run for you automatically.

10) After you click a button labeled Start in the Thank You dialog box, Vista's login screen will eventually appear. Enter the username and password that you selected during the first install. You're done upgrading to Vista.

11) Within 30 days, you must "activate" your copy of Vista or it'll lose functionality. To activate Vista, click Show more details in the Welcome Center that automatically displays upon each boot-up, then click Activate Windows now.

We highly recommend using the programs shown below.  

***  Slow computer, Scan it for registry errors free.
       This is a very good scan and repair program.  Here!

*** Repair XP Pro - (Great program)
XP Repair Pro 2007 edition is fully Vista compatible
The most comprehensive system repair tool on the market.

* Scan your PC for errors absolutely Free (Very good)

* Evidence Eliminator - Erase your surfing history total "privacy protection".

* KeyLogPro - Want to know what other people type on your computer when you are away?

Has Vista really been Cracked

Update: On 3/3/08 we saw two Vista Ultimate computers using two different cracks.  Both had just installed the new MS update that must be installed before SP1. It is also supposed to stop the two biggest cracks. They are still running just fine and it had no affect at all on either of these two cracks?

As far as we know the answer is definitely yes. We have seen several computers running cracked Vista Ultimate and using all the features and receiving all updates.
Ironically the people we saw using them, had purchased the upgrade editions of Vista when they bought new computers with XP. They had so much trouble getting the upgrades they tried the cracks and are running the Ultimate version "Free". It seems that other pirated copies are used because of the high pricing of Vista however some people would not buy it regardless of the cost.
From what we have read one of three working methods is used.  One is the time stopper that freezes the 30 day trial forever and allowing all features to work perfectly. We have read that this method can't be stopped but time will tell.  According to the Time Stop Vista activation crack, the method will bypass Windows Genuine Advantage validation, because Microsoft will not be able to differentiate between genuine inactivated copies of Vista and those that have been cracked. Update-This method now fails after SP1.

Second and perhaps non stoppable, is Paradox's or Clony's crack involving an emulator that spoofs the BIOS from ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo and allows Vista to run without requiring the original hardware it was shipped with. You do not have to have one of these brands to use this crack. It works on any computer.

It seems that each manufacturer was issued a single Key number to use only for their factory installed Vista computers.
They do not require activation and they are seen as fully activated copies of Vista.
Yes, they are tied to specific several product keys but if Microsoft disables them, it would disable thousands of legitimate users also.  I don't think they would do this.

A newer third method claims to be the best to date. The NoPE release has a major key difference to other previous pirated copies of Vista - it is completely cracked, it installs and appears activated, updates work, and no key needs to be entered, straight from the installation media without any effort on the part of the pirate.  This method still works fine after SP1 has been installed.

Our personal opinion is that it may be very hard, if not impossible to stop these cracks from working.  There may also be several more cracks in the near future. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next year or so.

* Repair XP Pro - (Great program for Vista also)
The most comprehensive system repair tool on the market. We use this program.
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