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  New - Microsoft Security Essentials rated best FREE antivirus for Windows OS
  Lost or no network connection, shows "Unidentified Network" because of multiple networks.
  Calendar trick with Vista / Windows 7
  More tips on Networking Vista
  Problems with Vista Windows Mail
  Vista won't sleep
  Networking XP and Vista
  Networking Vista (More)
  How to repair corrupt Vista files
  How to alphabetize contacts by last name in Windows mail
  Remove .ini files from Vista Desktop
  Where is Windows Mail stored (Vista Only)
  Remove unwanted items from the Vista Welcome Center
  Make Vista Run Faster - Very good info
  How to connect to a non-broadcasting wireless network with Vista
  Connect to a non-broadcasting wireless network with Vista
  Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista
  Deleted my Recycle Bin in Vista - how do I get it back?
  How to Disable UAC Prompts in Vista
  Error when you try to install Adobe Reader 8 on Vista
  COM Surrogate has stopped working.
  How to disable the Delete Confirmation in Vista
  The location of email folders and contacts for Vista's Windows Mail
  Change The Location Of The Windows Mail Folder Store.
  Some messages may be stuck in the Outbox when you use Windows Mail. You cannot send or delete these messages.
  How to get rid of the Vista system tray.
  Manually migrate all your e-mail accounts, messages and your address book from Outlook Express to Windows Mail
  How to enable the hidden administrator account in Vista
  How to block SP1 for one year. Download the Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool
  How to connect Windows Vista and XP computers over your network to share files.
  Can't save file to hard disk or flash drive in Vista
  Clean up the Send To menu
  Import email messages into Vista Windows Mail from Outlook Express
  Sidebar wastes too much space, move gadgets to your desktop
  Turn UAC off entirely
  Troubleshoot problems with Windows Aero
  Make XP the default OS when dual booting with Vista
  How to shrink a partition in Vista
  Network can't get an IP address from a DHCP server.
  VistaBootPRO - Great Free program. Over half a million downloads. It's BCDEDIT made Easy.
  How we setup our XP/Vista Dual Boot computer.
  Missing Vista Icons or add Icons to desktop
  Here's a free Vista tweaker, and it's a very good one
  Flash problems with Vista
  No need to Browse to get the path, Use "Copy as path"
  Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover shrinks or removes the annoying arrows that appear on shortcuts
  Get rid of "Windows has blocked some startup programs" message.
  Display the menu bar in Vista's File Explorer.
  A Microsoft microcode reliability update that improves the reliability of systems that use Intel processors.
  Change the name of Vista's registered owner
  Very good free Image Resizer and more to manage your digital photos for Vista
  Get Windows Vista Devices and Drivers
  Vista Default Programs
  How to Share the Root of a Vista Drive (Entire drive) in your network
  Turn Restore points on/off for any drive
  Turn shadow text on/off for icons on the desktop
  TweakVI for Windows Vista Free Version
  Sharing a file using Vista
  Automate Your Defragmentation Routine
  Activate Three Clocks
  Performance tools in Vista
  Restore Missing Desktop Icons in Windows Vista
  Speed Up SATA Hard Drives in Windows Vista
  * Stops Spam and works with the new Windows Mail in Vista
  Save your search results
  See your computer's ability to run new Vista features
  Windows Vista Fonts Look Bad
  How well your Vista machine has been running
  Online Internet Connectivity Evaluation. Checks your router to see if it supports certain technologies. Vista/XP
  Has Vista really been Cracked
  A very good recommendation for all Vista users
  * Vista certified registry cleaner
  New Shortcuts in Vista
  Two things you can do to speed-up Windows Vista
  Make Vista's default font size larger and easier to read.
  Use Vista's 'Upgrade' version to do a "Clean install". No prior versions required on computer or CD.
  Difference between Vista Editions and Reviews of each
  Completely clean the Temp folder in Vista
  Recover the Run option in Vista's Start Menu
  How to run programs as 'Administrator'
  Top 10 Ways to Light Up Your Windows Vista Apps
  How to restore the Recycle Bin icon in Vista
  How to access the folder options (File Edit View Tools Help) with Explorer. The Missing Menu Bar.
  Remove blocked startup program notification at startup.
  * Safely clean, repair and optimize. Free scan Supports x64/Duo/Dual Core Processors.Vista™ is supported!
  What is a Windows Vista Capable PC?
  Change or Resize Partition Size in Windows Vista
  How to extend "rearm" the trial period at the end of each 30 day period, a total period of up to 120 days.
  Dual Boot Info.
  Sharing a Folder or Printer in Windows Vista.  Access folders on a Vista computer from network XP computer.
  Difference between Domain and Workgroup
  Disable Vista's User Account. (UAC)

Designed for XP and Vista. * Repair XP Pro - (Great program)
The most comprehensive system repair tool on the market.
We use this program.

The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
This is small beta application that you can run on your current Windows XP-based computer to find out if it's ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista. It will scan your computer and generate an easy-to-understand report of any known system and device compatibility issues, along with recommendations on how you can get your PC ready for Windows Vista.

Designed for Vista      *VISTA CERTIFIED REGISTRY CLEANER - Free Registry Scan

How to clean-install Vista using the upgrade version of Vista on any hard drive.
No prior XP or W2K installation or even a CD is required.

You can "clean install" with an upgrade version of Vista to any formatted or unformatted hard drive, which is usually the preferred method when installing any new operating system. You must, install Vista twice to take advantage of this trick. But Vista installs much faster than XP, so it's quicker than installing XP followed by Vista to get the upgrade price.

1) Boot the PC from the Vista DVD.

2) Select "Install Now," but do not enter the Product Key from the Vista packaging. Leave the input box blank. Also, turn off the option Automatically activate Windows when I'm online. In the next dialog box that appears, confirm that you really do want to install Vista without entering a Product Key.

3) Correctly indicate the version of Vista that you're installing: Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate.

4) Select the "Custom (Advanced)" install, not the "Upgrade" install.

5) Vista copies files at length and reboots itself one or more times. Wait for the install to complete. At this point, you might think that you could "activate" Vista, but you can't. That's because you haven't installed the Vista upgrade yet. To do that, run the DVD's setup.exe program again, but this time from the Vista desktop. The easiest way to start setup again is to eject and then reinsert the DVD.

6) Click "Install Now." Select Do not get the latest updates for installation. (You can check for these updates later.)

7) This time, do enter the Product Key from the Vista packaging. Once again, turn off the option Automatically activate Windows when I'm online.

8) On this second install, make sure to select "Upgrade," not "Custom (Advanced)." You're not doing a clean install now, you're upgrading to Vista.

9) Wait while Vista copies files and reboots itself. No user interaction is required. Do not boot from the DVD when asked if you'd like to do so. Instead, wait a few seconds and the setup process will continue on its way. Some DOS-like, character-mode menus will appear, but don't interact with them. After a few seconds, the correct choice will run for you automatically.

10) After you click a button labeled Start in the Thank You dialog box, Vista's login screen will eventually appear. Enter the username and password that you selected during the first install. You're done upgrading to Vista.

11) Within 30 days, you must "activate" your copy of Vista or it'll lose functionality. To activate Vista, click Show more details in the Welcome Center that automatically displays upon each boot-up, then click Activate Windows now.

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